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Woodwinds - are you are unable to play low notes as easy as you could last week, or last month?

Are your pads sticky?
Does key noise seem to be getting louder?
Do you find yourself having to press the keys harder and harder?

Brass - are your valves not running as smooth as you remember?

Do your slides take a lot of effort to move?

Does it feel more resistant to blow through your instrument?
These are all signs your instrument could use a service and checkup.
Let our esteemed team of highly skilled Brass and Wind technicians take care of your instrument. We are very proud of the meticulous quality and fine attention to detail of our workshop. Whether we are working on a student instrument or a high-end professional instrument, we will always ensure it is playing the best it can. Brass and woodwind are our passion,, so we understand the difference between an adequate job and a perfect one. We are an Authorized Yamaha, Jupiter repair center just to name a few of the brands and our turn around time is usually around 10 business days, So we get your prized instrument back to ASAP.

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Why Do Pianos Go out of Tune?
There are many factors that can affect the tuning of your piano. Changes in the atmosphere can affect the tension of the strings, humidity makes the piano go sharp and dryness makes the piano go flat. These processes can be happening simultaneously in your piano, resulting in an uneven pitch. One of the most common questions we get about piano tuning is this: “Why has the bass on my piano gone out of tune?”. What usually happens is that the pitch remains more stable in the bass section because of heavier strings. The centre of the piano changes more dramatically, where the strings cross the middle of the soundboard. This unevenness is perceived as the bass being “out of tune”.

Care of The Piano
A piano needs to be tuned frequently. Twice per year is normal.
All our technicians are Yamaha, Kawai and Beale-trained and tune regularly for rehearsals, concerts, recording sessions, festivals, churches, music colleges and in private homes throughout the country.
We are confident that we can provide the best quality technicians to attend to both piano tuning and to the minor technical piano servicing work that your piano may require from time to time.
All of these services are available for both grand and upright pianos through out The Hunter, Central Coast, North Coast and Sydney areas.
Please contact our expert team through Foleys Pianos via our website.

Piano Removals.
Do you have a piano that needs moving?
If you’re looking for an affordable and professional piano transportation service in the NSW, our expert piano removals can help. We can deliver any Piano anywhere, No job is to Big or to Small.
‚ÄčOur expert piano removal service also offers a specialist piano transport and storage service throughout the whole of the Australia and the rest of the world. We can organize to store your piano in a secure, climate-controlled storage warehouse in Sydney, where we will keep your piano safe and well-maintained. Store your piano with us and it will be kept safe.

With over 75 years of piano industry experience Foleys can offer you a truly dedicated piano removal service. We offer fully insured specialist upright and grand piano removals.
Please contact our expert team through Foleys Pianos via our website.